April 18th, 2014
Savings Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. The respective rights and obligations of Depositor and Bank relating to the account shall be governed by and subject to (a) the terms and conditions as disclosed in the Bank's Deposit Agreement and Disclosure; (b) all present and future applicable laws and governmental rules, regulations, orders and directives; and (c) the by-laws, rules and regulations of Bank as now in force, or hereafter adopted or amended, without notice thereof to Depositor except as herein otherwise provided.
  2. Bank reserves the right to require Depositor to give notice in writing of an intended withdrawal of all or any part of the account seven days before such withdrawal is made.
  3. Depositor is permitted, during any calendar month, no more than six (6) pre-authorized, automatic, or telephonic transfers from the account to another account of the depositor within the Bank, or to a third party excepting any transfer made for the purpose of repaying a loan with the Bank other than a loan made for the purpose of covering an overdraft. The fee for this type of excessive withdrawal is 10.00 per item. The Bank reserves the right to close Savings Accounts that exceed these withdrawal limits. Depositors can make any number of transfers by mail, messenger, automated teller machine (ATM) or in person. There will be a service charge for excessive withdrawals (more than 3 in any calendar month) of $1.00 per transaction.
  4. Fees could reduce the earnings on the account.
  5. Interest on the account shall be computed, credited and paid at such a rate and times, in such manner, and subject to such rules as may be determined by Bank from time to time and publish in Bank's Schedule of Rates and Charges.